Construction of cold rolling mills at Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co.

Replacing industrial steel products at high rate of added value in production lines, updating technologies of steel production lines and employing specialised and committed human forces, reducing construction bureaucracy and red tape as well as financing are the most significant pillars of development procedure in Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co.
The construction of cold rolling mills was launched in 2021 in an area of 54,000 square meters and with infrastructure about 30,000 square meters with a total foreign exchange and Rial investment of 10,000 billion Rials.
The cold rolled sheets produced in this complex is one of the strategic products of the steel industry, which would be mainly applied in the automotive, home appliances and other manufacturing industries.
Development plan of Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial factory, with overview to build 7 modern and advanced production lines, consists of:
Cold rolling mill of reverse steel sheets with Six rollers:
1- 6 Hi-Cold Rolling Mill-TYPE 1450-1000 m / min Speed with annual Capacity of 250,000 tons and ability to produce all kinds of greasy sheets up to 0.18 mm thickness and any kind of full hard sheets.
2- Push Pull Pickling Line with a capacity of 500,000 tons per year.
3- ``Acid Regeneration Plant`` Acid recycling line in accordance with environmental conditions with annual capacity of 2500 liters.
4- Annealing line and re-baking of cold rolled sheets ``Bell Annealing Furnace`` with annual capacity of 300,000 tons.
5- Electrical Cleaning cold sheets line with annual capacity of 260,000 tons.
6- Skin Pass Mill / Temper Mill to obtain the desired quality of special cold sheets.
7- Tension Leveling and Trimming Line Cold sheets
With the implementation of the project, 500 direct job opportunities and many more indirect job opportunities would be created.