Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co

Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co.

Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co.  affiliated to Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group was executed in 2012 in an area of 54,000 m2 as the premier company producing galvanised rolls in northwest of Iran

  • Authorised license for the production of hot galvanised sheets with annual capacity of 200,000 tons
  • Fully automatic galvanisation production mills via hot dip procedure
  • Manufacture of galvanised sheets at the thickness ranging from 0.4 up to 3.5
  • Production of the thickest galvanised rolled sheets in the Middle East at the width of 1250 mm and thickness of 5.3 mm

Construction of cold rolling mills at Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co.

Replacing industrial steel products at high rate of added value in production lines, updating technologies of steel production lines and employing specialised and committed human forces, reducing construction bureaucracy and red tape as well as financing are the most significant pillars of development procedure in Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co.

The construction of cold rolling mills was launched in 2021 in an area of ​​54,000 square meters and with infrastructure about 30,000 square meters with a total foreign exchange and Rial investment of 10,000 billion Rials.

The cold rolled sheets produced in this complex is one of the strategic products of the steel industry, which would be mainly applied in the automotive, home appliances and other manufacturing industries.

Quality control laboratory

Various technical tests such as tensile test, metallurgical coating test, coating thickness test, coating adhesion test etc. are performed during the production process and also after completion by quality control unit. These tests are carried out in order to ensure that the products meet the national and international standards and are composed of high and acceptable quality.

Vision and Ambition

• Supplying domestic and local demands for various types of coated sheets.
• Preparation and production of greasy and cold galvanised sheets at various grades with thickness ranging 0.18mm to 3mm, applicable in downstream industries.
• Exporting high quality products especially to the neighbouring countries in West and Northwest.
• The development phase of Shahriyar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co.'s factories for the construction of 7 modern and advanced production lines is being carried out at a desired pace, which is considered as a symbol of self-esteem along with other objectives regarding the completion of steel production chain inside Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group.

Environmental arrangements and social responsibilities

Achieving sustainable development and a desirable future and also pursuing sustainable development requires an effort beyond economic development. Gratification from the favourable environment along with economic and social growth indicators could be achieved through the establishment of a green management system in the country and the implementation of green industry programs and green supply chain management by industry activists.

Shahriar Tabriz Steel Industrial Co. is one of the pioneers in maintaining environmental balance, which considers it as one of the pillars of sustainable development in line with its social responsibility. The company aims to reduce fossil fuels utilisation via application of latest up-to-date processes in production lines, constructing acid recycling lines, planning and studying wastewater applications and modern water treatment systems as well as precise planning for managing the consumption of raw materials and reduce waste can be referred as the most significant environmental activities in the supply chain of this complex.

Expansion and creation of green places, in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region nearby the subsidiary factories is another valuable measure of this company.

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Affiliated to Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group