about us

Tabriz Shahriar Steel Industries Company, affiliated to Pars Sukhtar Industrial Group, was established as the first company producing galvanized sheets in the northwest of the country in 2011 in Akhola Industrial Town. At the same time as the construction operation, after conducting the necessary studies and investigations, the latest technical knowledge regarding the production of thick galvanized sheets was selected and the relevant machinery was prepared, assembled and installed. The feature of the machines of this production line makes it possible to perform continuous hot dip galvanizing operations on all types of sheets with a thickness of 0.4 to 3.5 mm. Tabriz Shahriar Steel Industries Co., due to the possibility of producing hot-dip galvanized sheets in different thicknesses and benefiting from the best quality and standards in the world, in addition to meeting domestic needs, also plays a prominent role in export markets. The strategic location of this factory in the northwest region of the country and its proximity to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nakhchivan and Georgia has made it possible to export products to these markets easily.