Environmental measures

Achieving sustainable development and a desirable future and studying continuous development requires an effort beyond economic development. Benefiting from a favorable environment along with economic and social growth indicators can be achieved through the establishment of a green management system at the country level and the implementation of green industry programs and green supply chain management by industry activists. Tabriz Shahriar Steel Industry Company is one of the pioneers in maintaining environmental balance as one of the pillars of sustainable development in line with its social responsibility. Planning to reduce the use of fossil fuels by using up-to-date methods in production lines, creating acid recycling lines, planning and studying the use of wastewater and modern water treatment systems, detailed planning to manage the consumption of raw materials and reduce Waste is one of the most important environmental activities in the supply chain of this collection. Expansion and creation of green space, appropriate to the weather conditions of the region, near the subsidiary factories is also one of the other valuable actions of this company.